Many people think that real estate agents are grossly overpaid, because all they have to do is show you properties and help you find a house that you like.  In reality, that is only the tip of the iceberg.  Following is a list of the progression of events that take place and what you can and should expect from a good real estate agent:

  • Explain the complete procedure of buying a house to buyers
  • Write up the offer and go over it thoroughly with buyers
  • Present the offer in person to the sellers
  • Negotiate the offer to get the best price and conditions for the buyer
  • Set up a time line for buyers, so that they know exactly what they need to do and when
  • Set up inspections and attend them with buyers
  • Negotiate any repairs(with selling agent)that need to be made
  • Oversee property repairs when necessary
  • Work closely with buyers’ lender and provide him with any necessary paperwork
  • Calculate an estimate of closing costs for buyer
  • Stay on top of every aspect of buyers’ real estate transaction
  • If a crisis arises, work on resolving it diligently until the problem is solved
  • Acts as an educated advisor, rather than as a decision-maker
  • Make special arrangements for buyers to show the house to friends and/or relatives
  • Attend the final walk-through inspection with buyers
  • Go to escrow with buyers for the signing of closing documents
  • Deliver keys to buyers after close of escrow

Every buyer has different needs, and it is the responsibility of a good real estate agent to adapt herself to the needs of each buyer.  The most important quality of a good real estate agent is communication. She should listen attentively, answer phone calls promptly, and answer real estate questions in a manner that the buyer understands.  She should keep buyers abreast of the real estate market, especially after their transaction closes. 

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